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Car Rental Inclusions

Our standalone rental cars are great value if you're planning on staying in hotels or have your own camping equipment and just need to get from A to B. Our fleet of Small SUV's are regularly serviced and reliable. Vehicles seat 5 people comfortably and have space in the boot for up to 4 large suitcases or more with seats folded down. We also have a choice of packages available to go with our rental cars to make life easier if you're arriving by plane. Add on packages include:

KITCHEN PACKAGE: Stove & Gas Canisters, Saucepans, Pot, Cutlery, Utensils, 2X Tea Towels, Dinnerware, Cups, Cutting Boards, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, UHT Milk, Salt, Pepper, Tooth Picks, Table, Chairs x 2, Fire Blanket, Washing up bucket. Plus a cleaning box including: Garbage Bags, Washing Liquid, Dish Brush, Pot Cleaners, Cleaning Cloths, Pegs, Washing Line, Hand Wash, Small First Aid Kit. BEDDING PACKAGE:

Simple Bedding: Mattress Protector, Fitted Sheet, 2X Sleeping Bags & Liners, 2 x Pillows & Covers

Premium Bedding: Mattress Protector, Fitted Sheet, Queen Size Doona & Cover, 2 x Pillows & Covers, Blanket

PERSONAL PACKAGE: 2 x Bath Towels, 2 x Hand Towels, 2 x Face Washers, Soap, Shampoo &

Conditioner We also have many extras that can be added on such as swags, portable toilets and showers, extra chairs, extra bedding or sleeping bags.

If you're arriving later in the day and would like to be ready to take off on your journey, we can also arrange to add a grocery order to your rental. So just fly in, pick up your vehicle and drive off!

Please contact us to discuss the options available to you. Damage Liability Cover Details:

Full Damage Cover - $25.00 Per day - $500 liability

Intermediate - $12.50 per day - Cover for up to $2500 Damage

No Cover- $0.00 per day - You will be liable for the full cost of the damage to the vehicle

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